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Business Spring Cleaning in Gainesville is underway!!

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

How often should you deep clean your office?

Traditionally, houses get cleaned regularly, but what about your workspace? The regular foot traffic and the hand-to-hand contact make it a germs dream-land. There are many factors that contribute to how often you should deep clean your office.

Here is a short list of things that can impact frequency:

Seasons: Is flu season around the corner? Offices may need to be sanitized more often because of the number of sick employees or patients.

Is it hurricane season? The muddy footprints around the office are going to need to be cleaned up before the boss comes through. Regular cleanings will keep the floors clean and the boss happy.

Foot Traffic: An office with only a few employees may need to be cleaned less often than an office with mass foot traffic. Analyzing how many people come through your office  will help you narrow down how many office deep cleans you need a year.

Type of Business: Because of the heavy rotation of sick people in doctors offices, they will need consistent deep cleans to keep out germs. Although every office can have sick employees, so better safe than sorry.

There are many factors that go into how often your office space needs to be cleaned. Call A Beautiful Touch Cleaning--we can offer recommendations for how often your office or home should be cleaned, and give you a proposal on site! (352) 231-2023

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