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Cleaning and Organizing Your Way To Happiness

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

​A Beautiful Touch Cleaning Services is a business created from the inspiration and belief that a clean environment can't help but make you feel better about your life. ​We know that Marie Kondo was just a 19 year old sociology student when she began her tidying consulting business. The KonMari method begins with only keeping items that give you the most joy. Getting rid of items that mean less to you is a way to place more importance on things that give you joy, and also while decluttering your house. Marie encourages organizing by category, not location. Starting with clothing items, then books, papers, miscellaneous items and lastly sentimental items.

Here are her 6 basic rules of tidying:

  • Devote yourself to organizing your space

  • Envision your ideal lifestyle

  • Finish throwing out what you need to

  • Tidy by category, not location

  • Follow the order Marie recommends

  • Question whether each item gives you joy

​Marie's show on netflix​ ​helps ​bring her method into other people’s homes, and helps with their organization. The home makeovers encourage people to use this method, as it may help transform their lives. ​

When Marie Kondo published her first English-language book in 2014 millions of readers started using her method to organize. So, while you may just be searching for commercial office cleaners, or someone to come to your home to clean, you may still want time to really get into your closets and drawers to organize. Here are a few important tips from the book:

Try not to pile items, instead store them vertically. This procedure allows you to see everything you have whether it’s in your fridge or your nightstand drawer.

Only keep clothing that gives you joy. If you look at it right away and it doesn’t spark joy, should you keep it?

Assign everything in your house a place. Daily tasks are much easier when you know where everything is. Using labeled containers or cubbies can help keeping everyone is your house organized and on the same page.

Get rid of those papers in your junk drawer. Unless they are absolutely necessary, they are just taking up space.

A Beautiful Touch Cleaning Services Gainesville FL

Put the small change around the house back into your wallet. Instead of it staying in your junk drawers for months, this allows you to spend it​!​

A Beautiful Touch Cleaning Services in Gainesville can come in an take over your space to clean while you are spending time with your loved-ones. But the KonMari method might be something to consider for the organization of your home or work space that you finally have time to do!

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